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The Blue Umbrella book pdf
The Blue Umbrella book PDF | The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Summary of the Book:  “The Blue Umbrella Book” is a 1980 Indian novel written by Ruskin Bond. The novel was adapted into a comic by Amar Chitra Katha publications, titled, The Blue Umbrella – Stories by Ruskin Bond, and included another story, Angry River. The blue umbrella Book PDF is a novel in the children’s genre.

Among all Ruskin Bond books, The Blue Umbrella has, so far, gathered immense applaud from readers and critics alike. This is a short novel, but the kind of moral lessons it teaches to us are simply overwhelming.

This is a story of Binya, a poor little girl living with her mother and an elder brother, Bijju, in a small hilly village of Garhwal.

One day while herding her two cows back home, she stumbles upon some city people enjoying the picnic in the valley. She is enthralled to see them well-groomed and rich. She craves to be one like them and among many other things of their, a blue frilly umbrella catches her attention.

She begins craving for it. On the other hand, the city people get attracted by her innocent beauty and the pendant in her neck. The pendant consists of leopard’s claw – which is considered a mascot widely in the hills. Binya trades her pendant off with the blue umbrella.

The Blue Umbrella

It is about a young girl, Binyadevi, and her family. Binya lives with her family in a small village. She is a simple girl with realistic dreams. The story has multiple emotions including materialistic love, jealousy, and kindness.

Here we present ,The Blue Umbrella book PDF Short Summary In the village, Ram Bharosa keeps an old shop and sells Coca-Cola with no ice, tea, curd and sweets. One day, Binya receives a beautiful blue umbrella from some foreigners in exchange for her leopard claw pendant.

Soon, the shopkeeper becomes jealous of the umbrella and tries to buy it from Binya by claiming, “This is a fancy umbrella which small girls should not have”, but Binya refuses. As time passes, Ram’s jealousy of the umbrella turns into an obsession. He employs a boy named Rajaram from the next village to work at the shop.

When Rajaram learns of his boss’ desire to own the umbrella, he makes an attempt to steal it but fails and is caught. Rajaram then gives up Ram’s name, causing his shop to be boycotted. Ram is now remorseful of his actions and miserable. Binya realizes her showing off the blue umbrella indirectly led to Ram’s suffering.

In the end, Binya willingly gives the umbrella to Ram, who in turn gifts her a bear claw pendant. You can download the The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond PDF using the link given below.

The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond is a children’s book. The story is short and simple but elegantly touches the core aspect of humanity – kindness. Through Binya Ruskin instills a sense of kindness among children. It is an amazing read for all.

1.The Blue Umbrella Book  pdf                             the blue umbrella book pdf

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